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Home and Home Office
Almost all homes today have at least one computer and it's almost always connected to the internet. In addition, households have many options for connected devices: smartphones, tablets, internet TV, video gaming systems, etc. These devices add value and efficiency to our daily lives but can also be the source of many headaches.

Some common problems and issues are listed below. Click to expand and see the various areas we can help you with your technology needs. These are just possible starting points. If you don't see your issue listed, get in touch and we can develop the right solution for you.

Store! - Data Storage

Storage of your information can take many forms. From machines to network attached storage and very specific storage needs for web sites and email compliance, some ways we can help:

Protect! - Data Protection

Protecting your data has many facets. We look at threats from outside, preventive maintenance, data backups, and recovery in the event of disaster. Some ways our on-going assistance can help you succeed:

Deliver! - Data Delivery

For information to be truly useful, it has to be shared and processed. Getting information to people who need it or customers to sell to is critical. Here are some ways we can help:

We Have Data (financials, documents, pictures, etc.) But Only One Copy

Whether it be design plans, critical financial information, or family photos, your data is important to you. Disaster can strike at any time and keeping more than one copy of your data is cheap insurance. Here are some ways we can make data backups easier:

Geek Squad / Staples Easy Tech Failed to Fix the Problem

Box stores offer drop off convenience, but if you have to bring the machine back (or they have to come to you) multiple times you are not saving anything and headaches are frequent. With years of experience, certified tech know-how, and competitive pricing, here are some ways we can help:

Computers Fail / Reboot Often

Aside from grief and aggravation, computer failure or erratic behavior can cost businesses time and money as well as potentially irreplaceable loss in data or creative effort. At home it can disrupt everything from paying bills to recreation. Here are some ways we can help keep you running:

Running out of Disk Space

From ERP data to home videos, data accumulation has flourished at all levels of computer use. Planning for expansion, thinking about fault tolerance, or just wanting to store another 10,000 pictures from your recent vacation, here are some ways we can help:

No Internet

Sometimes providers fail to deliver. For those times, we'll be happy to speak on your behalf to get you connected. Sometimes, the causes of network outages are less apparent. We've seen everything from back hoes going through fiber optic lines to having the DNS server plugged into the wrong port because the servers were rearranged. We can help... here are some ways:

Can't Load Certain Files / Documents

Productivity can't stop because updates have happened or technology has changed. Loading that presentation, key financial file, or mission critical application is necessary. They can block, impede, interrupt, or conflict... we can help sort it out.

Computer Has a Virus / Malware

Start up your computer in the morning and it crawls. Open a web browser and it goes to places you don't want, or at a speed where you can take a nap between clicks. You have malware (Malicious Software) on your computer. Get in touch to find out more. Here are some ways we can help:

Connecting Mobile Devices to Network

From smartphones, to iPads, to Kindle Fires, mobile devices are everywhere. Adding them to your network and allowing them access includes both challenges, security considerations, and often a knowledge gap. Further, you can increase your productivity with a mobile workforce and VPN connectivity. We can work with you in many ways to make it happen.

Getting Netflix on Internet-Ready TV

Trends in entertainment have shifted. Paying for expensive cable TV or Satellite may not be necessary. Often now watching streaming video on your TV is a replacement. Or setting up a home server with video options streaming within the building. We can help. Here are some ways...

Computer Making Odd Noise

It started out sounding like an unhappy cat that had it's tail stepped on. Now it's starting to sound more akin to a jet engine or Harley. Computers shouldn't sound this way. If they do, they are telling you something (much like the cat). We can help figure out how to make the computer happy again.

Pop Up Windows

Getting work done, handling your bank transfers, being creative with graphics can all be interrupted by pop-ups. Some may phishing attempts using bogus "security" programs, some may just want your eyes seeing them. Here are some ways we can get rid of these risks to security and productivity:

How Do I Print?

We can help set up or fix your printing system whether it be a single desktop printer, wireless device, or enterprise printing work center. We can help in the following areas:

Slow Computer

Computers can slow down for various reasons and disrupt productivity. Regular maintenance is key just like an oil change for your car. Here are some ways we can help keep machines running smoothly:

How Do I Use My Computer?

Getting the book for dummies can help sometimes. Sometimes classes can help. And then sometimes one-on-one training works best, especially for specialty knowledge and applications. We can also work with you to help you handle web site maintenance issues, or learning those best-practices to keep your business safe and secure.

Want the Ultimate Machine

You may want Call of Duty to behave better or you may be the type to experiment with neural networks in your free time. Either way, some of the demands placed on machines these days can be extreme. You're in the market for the ultimate box. We can work with you to discover your needs and let you know what's possible.

Connecting Wireless Devices to Network

Staying well connected likely means wires won't be everywhere you want to be. From identifying your needs, acquisition of hardware, to securing and optimizing the wireless configuration, here are some ways we can help: