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How We Work


Our goal is to keep things simple through adherence to solid and well-practiced procedures. Our experience has taught us what works and what doesn't. We believe preventive and on-going maintenance is inexpensive insurance that strengthens your business and improves your bottom line.

The IT Brief-Case™

Good information is imperative to make intelligent decisions about your bottom line. Presenting critical information of both technology and business is what we call the IT Brief-Case™. This is a short summary that provides compelling evidence of value. If at any time you need the bottom-line value proposition to perform a particular process or to have Virtual~Sands perform it, we'll be happy to put it in numbers.

Working With You

We can work during off hours to minimize disruption and keep you productive when it matters. If the unexpected happens, we will work with you to recover and get you running as quickly as possible. The best defense is working with you to prepare and develop procedures that work best for you.

Technology can be scary. At the very least it can be confusing and frustrating at times. We will work with you to train you to make the most of your technology investment and empower you through technology to grow.

Given the broad expanse of technology and the knowledge to go with it, we work for you to bring that knowledge to the table. However, making decisions with technology in mind can be tricky. We can advise and help you. Before working with us however, you will find our site designed to help you relate to the business case of certain technology choices. We want to help you understand and to make your choices easier.

Working For You

We provide a service and we want you to be comfortable with the technology you work with every day. Providing as much or as little information as you desire to reach that comfort level is our goal.

We can work for you in whatever capacity helps facilitate that level of comfort. Our arrangement can be on-going, short or long term contract, or call us as a last resort. Our billing is net 30 usually by check or PayPal.