Store. Protect. Deliver
About Us

Who, Where, and Why

We are a technology company in the northwest corner of Connecticut dismayed by the lack of knowledge and experience delivered by most outsourced IT groups and consultants. Many businesses suffer at the hands of tech help that technobabble their way into a contract. We want to change that.

If you do not understand a technical subject, we want to help so intelligent decisions can be made. Every industry has jargon and conventions. Technology is our expertise. We do not always paint a rosy picture to make things sound better. If the situation needs help ignorance does not lead to bliss... Ignoring the problem, will not make it go away. We are concerned about your business and you should know about the issues facing your business and be able to choose appropriately, but your time should be spent growing your business, increasing revenues, and building your customer base.

Let us handle your technology and have it work for you rather than against you. Get in touch and we will help you make the most of your technology.

Our History

Starting in 1994 and incorporating in 1996, we were a design company (our parent Ender Design Inc.) that handled hosting and solved hardware problems. It soon became clear that keeping business technology running smoothly improved the bottom line for our customers... and that is important to us. Building a Web Site for them only solved part of the equation and giving businesses the right tools to deliver the data on their sites, and manage it internally became a mission.

What is Virtual~Sands

Sand is a silicon compound. So are most electronic components. We embrace a digital landscape where your data is stored in machines, protected from prying eyes and wrong-doers, and delivered over vast networks at lightning speeds. This is the Virtual world where all of your critical information resides. We are digital landscapers building structures, fences, and roads on the sands of technology. Virtual~Sands: that's our name.... Store, Protect, Deliver... that's what we do.