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Network Planning

The Problem

The key problems with network planning:
  • It may seems obvious and so it isn't done.
  • Performance of a network affects everyone.
  • With multiple computers and users with potential external availability, security must be considered.

IT Brief-Case™

The IT Brief-Case can be summed simply as performance and security. If performance is good, it shouldn't trade off with security.
  • If the delivery of data is slow, and time is money, cost is increasing.
  • Compromise sensitive data.
  • Infiltration of systems for malicious intent.
  • Preserve both security and integrity of data being transmitted

Solved @ VSands

Our answer to these issues is planning. The preventive is far better than the corrective. Our objective include:
  • Considering your needs and not falling prey to what's cool
  • Not over-killing the amount of equipment so as not to add to cost.
  • Selecting good quality hardware and software to maintain performance.
  • Not just building for today but anticipating growth and change for tomorrow. Does the network scale?
  • What goals need to be met for connectivity? Wireless? Guests?