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30 Second Snapshot
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Who & Where

We are a technology support, repair, and consulting company in Connecticut. We work primarily in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York but provide expert solutions to clients throughout the world.

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What we do

We provide technology, data, and business solutions to small businesses, large enterprise, and home office customers.

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Why work with us

Good planning, solid construction, honest advice, and diligent maintenance will always be a profitable technology investment. A failed computer or lost data means damage to your business or reputation. Choose us as your solution provider because of accumulated experience since 1996 and 20 certifications in various areas of technology and business. Choose us as your partner because we care about you and your technology and have the skill and background to deliver consistently strong solutions, processes, and recommendations that will help your bottom line.

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How we work

Hourly, by project, in-person, or remote, we will work with you to deliver a service that works for you. Assessing what you need and making recommendations will hone in on actual costs. Individual computer repair assessments are free except for travel. Our regular hourly rate is $100 / hr. Since we will work nearly anywhere, our travel rate is at $60 / hr. Flat-rate services such as regular maintenance and initial configuration are offered at competitive rates.

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