Store. Protect. Deliver
Our Tagline
  Why have a whole page on a tagline? Because when it comes to your critical information, it succinctly encompasses what we do in a robust, directed mission. We want you to understand where we are coming from and that we are passionate about making technology work for you.


Your data has to reside somewhere. Long ago this was log books, ledgers, and paper. Today it resides on chips and disks (even the "cloud" is a chip or disk somewhere). We build, manage, and maintain the machines where your data is stored. This could be critical business data, your web site, archived email, or family pictures and movies. These machines hold your information and let you work with it.


Protecting what is stored takes various forms. We have to keep your information safe from prying eyes and probing hackers. We help protect your data in the event of unexpected disaster. Protection can be from outside or inside. Protection from legal ramifications can take the form of archival for compliance regulations.


Having a Web Site does little good unless people can get to it. We allow your data to be delivered to those who need it when they need it and in a form they can use. Connected networks and mobile devices allow your data to move and get to those that need to work with it, or your customers that need to see it. We help to connect devices through wires and wireless and facilitate the secure and efficient flow of information.

Store. Protect. Deliver.

That's what we do.