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Asset Management

The Problem

Knowing how to use or how to fix the technology you have are often the first things that comes to mind when looking into getting help. However, just knowing WHAT technology you have is often a challenge all it's own.
  • Being properly licensed for software and being in compliance with license agreements.
  • Knowing the hardware and software you have for insurance purposes.
  • Being able to recover from theft or other disaster by being able to replace technology with similar items... or simply know what needs to be replaced.
  • Being able to retrieve or recover from loss or theft.
  • Keeping rigorous maintenance schedules to protect your investment.
  • Reusing assets when appropriate without having to purchase new.
  • Protecting and managing intangible assets such as intellectual property is as important as tangible assets.

IT Brief-Case™

Loss, theft, wear, or destruction has an obvious cost.
  • Having the information to for insurance recovery or replacement is important.
  • Protect your business from costly lawsuits from failed license compliance.
  • Protect your technology investment with scheduled preventive maintenance.

Solved @ VSands

Here are some of the ways we can help:
  • Our custom data systems maintain records of type, service, licenses, and configurations of machines.
  • We keep your maintenance schedules for you so you don't have to.
  • In performing good requirements analysis and knowing your assets, we can save you money by servicing and re-purposing your technology.
  • Implementing procedures to help track and recover lost or stolen assets.
  • Protect and manage intangibles