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Data Migration

The Problem

A special issue that arises with many upgrades, both software and hardware, is migrating data from the old to the new.
  • Specialized software (ERP, CRM, Financial, etc.) often has a specialized data store that may need to be transferred or upgraded itself.
  • Changing a server requires old data to be moved to the new.
  • Upgrading a system hard drive often can be done by moving all information from the old drive to a new (larger or faster) drive.
  • Keeping users preferences (email, internet shortcuts, pictures, documents, etc.) during an upgrade helps keep productivity high as soon as the upgrade is complete.

    IT Brief-Case™

    The value of a well planned migration is simple to see:
    • If you didn't migrate the data, then you'd have to recreate it.
    • Consider the cost of lost or corrupted customer data
    • What is the cost of lost financial data
    • Migration aids change management for users... easing transitions.
    If migration is the desired result, solid planning and proceeding cautiously helps reduce the probability of data loss.

    Solved @ VSands

    We have built systems not only in hardware but software designing databases, handling archival, and managing upgrades and recovery on critical data stores. This experience offers the unique perspective of understanding the underlying servers and software that store the data allowing us to move, manipulate, store, and inevitably migrate it to different systems.