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Network Security

The Problem

Network security is about people and how they use and exploit what's on the network.
  • Points of access and entry.
  • Information and where it is stored
  • Connected devices and their uses.
  • Established (or lack of) security policies
  • Access rights and permissions

IT Brief-Case™

Protecting your data and providing the infrastructure for it to be delivered securely is the goal. If not achieved, your costs will increase. Consider the costs of the following:
  • Stolen proprietary information and trade secrets.
  • Compromised financial and payroll information.
  • Compromised customer data or payment information.
  • Malicious intent through software or people.

Solved @ VSands

Experience and balance are the keys to a good network security. Balancing usage, potential risk, and performance to both protect and deliver your data to those who need it when they need.