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Machine Construction

The Problem

  • Machines purchased from box stores get slow at handling current software after two years.
  • Notice that several machines in your organization mysteriously won't power up... but the 1 year warranty has expired.
  • A special purpose machine is required for special duties in a unique location.

IT Brief-Case™

Buying a machine to just meet the needs of today will leave you stranded hoping for more speed even just two years down the road. Technology changes quickly. Further, main stream providers strive to hit certain price points to remain competitive. The result, however, may be cutting corners on the quality of certain parts (like power supplies).

Box stores and large computer suppliers can provide a limited amount of customization, or may be prohibitively expensive. Whether it's the graphic arts or CAD workstation that you need or the killer gaming box you want, it may not be economical from a mass production provider.

Solved @ VSands

  • We build with high-quality name-brand parts.
  • Machines we built four years ago are still in service and many handling even more duties than they did at time of installation.
  • We consider your needs and environment. Putting a delicate laptop in the back shop of a factory is not a good plan.
  • We won't overkill your needs. Building a $3000 workstation to send email and handle small budgets on a spreadsheet is not smart bottom-line business.