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IT Outsourcing

The Problem

Many problems at all business levels can benefit from outside technology help.
  • A key technology asset has left the company leaving a skill set gap.
  • Expanding certain areas of the business require specialized (and expensive) knowledge. But this is a short-term push, not a long term need.
  • Small businesses simply can't afford a full-time IT position.

IT Brief-Case™

Let's assume your needs are just regular tech support and maintenance with minimal specialized need. But you want someone who has at least somewhat of a clue. You run a business with 15-20 workstations, and 2 servers. lists a Sr. Helpdesk tech (someone with 3-5 years of experience) having a median salary of about $54,000. You could save $20,000 or more per year by working with us. This doesn't include the additional savings of benefits and other perks offered to employees.

Need more specialized technical knowledge? We bring 21 years of experience to the table in all aspects of server administration, database maintenance, and technical support. lists a Sr. database administrator median at $93,000 making the business case to outsource even more apparent.

Solved @ VSands

We will work with you at the level you need. In the business case above long term engagements to handle your entire tech support is considered. But we can fill in gaps as needed or bring specialized knowledge to a large enterprise for individual projects. These issues solved at VSands also bring some additional benefits:
  • Off hours work. We can work remotely off hours so as not to disrupt your business. No scheduling server maintenance during business hours.
  • Regular maintenance schedules. We encourage regular maintenance and bring well tested processes to the table.
  • With multiple clients, we see a wider variety of issues than in-house staff. Consequently, our experience with troubleshooting problems is broader.
  • We bring a variety of services and capabilities such as Web Site Hosting, Off Site Backup, and Business Continuity Planning that add value to our partnership and strengthen your business.