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The Problem

Computers, like cars are a piece of equipment that change in performance over time. Regular maintenance and optimization can help prevent many problems.
  • Physically noisy machines
  • Substandard performance that gets progressively worse.
  • Erratic behavior. Reboots. Blue Screens.
  • Hardware failure caused by dust, heat, or not discovered from proactive testing.
  • Data lost caused by the above problems.

IT Brief-Case™

Setting aside the cost of failed hardware and lost data, if our regular maintenance and optimization saves a user 3 minutes a day by the following:
  • Faster computer startup and shut down
  • Faster drive and system performance
  • Less erratic behavior
Over the course of the year 3 minutes, times 200 days, times $65 / hr burdened labor rate is $650. Our annual maintenance service is as low as half that amount for a 6 month cycle. In short, our service almost pays for itself twice. You get to protect your technology investment and make it perform better, longer.

Solved @ VSands

Depending on the situation, our maintenance process has 50-60 points of inspection, maintenance and updates, optimization, continuity, security, and documentation. Each process takes 4-5 hours with all steps and we achieve what we do through automation, experience, and economies of scale. Much of what we do can be handled remotely to eliminate disruption. If you are within travel distance physical cleaning can then be scheduled for several machines in batch or you can experience many of the benefits of our maintenance process by the remote portion alone. We work with you to meet your needs.