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The Problem

  • Meet archival and retention requirements of FINRA or HIPAA
  • Email address having your domain name for branding.
  • Too costly for internal infrastructure to support an email server. Not practical.
  • Accessibility to email by web and mobile devices.

IT Brief-Case™

Using a hosted email provider makes use of an economy of scale removing the need to maintain infrastructure (server, bandwidth, etc.) internally. Meeting retention requirements and federal regulations can add to that burden. Email is a required channel of communication both at the desktop and when mobile.

Solved @ VSands

Our hosting facilities provide that economy of scale. We offer email hosting but also can offer:
  • can customize to your domain
  • can handle the offsite backup and preservation of your communication
  • can ease the burden of meeting federal regulations of archival, retention, and simplified review and discovery
  • If an in-house email system is in place, we can even provide external filtering to reduce your spam and threats to your internal machines.