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Software Troubleshooting

The Problem

Sometimes we think we wear many hats. So do computers. If you stack too many hats, a fashion clash is bound to happen. The more applications installed and running on a computer the more chance there is for conflict.
  • New installation of software
  • New specialized software for a specific task like enterprise planning or circuit design. Sadly, specialized software that can make your business excel is often the cause of conflict. There is often a smaller user base, less testing, and perhaps specialized demands on the system.
  • Upgraded versions
  • Microsoft updates for Windows
  • Strange behavior

IT Brief-Case™

Best case, things don't work exactly right and it is annoying to the user(s). Worst case the conflict is severe enough to cause system crashes (the infamous blue screens) and data loss. The bottom line then becomes the cost of time to reconstruct data not just a few lost minutes and an annoyed employee.

Solved @ VSands

We have developed custom software. Software that plugs into Exchange server or software that runs on a web server all to perform a specialized tasks. We have installed updates thousands of times... and seen entire critical servers go offline as a result. Our process works to isolate the cause, identify the specific conflict, and resolve the conflict. We have worked with many custom software shops to troubleshoot errors in client systems.

Again though, one of our goals is preventive maintenance. Through our initial construction of a machine or maintenance optimization we always look to keep the machines as simple as possible to prevent many conflicts before they even appear.