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The Problem

We often get asked questions. Some common ones are:
  • Why is the network slow?
  • How can I make Word / Excel / Powerpoint do X
  • Why is my computer slow and getting progressively slower?
  • We are changing our primary business software, what do we need to know to interface with our current systems?
  • We are getting a new employee that needs to be brought up to speed with our systems.

IT Brief-Case™

The cliche of time is money is the primary content of this IT Brief-Case. Equipping your people with information to help them their jobs more effectively through the use of technology improves your bottom line.
  • Understanding positive and negative effects of certain activities.
  • Helping the transitional changes with new staff.
  • Learning some even simple techniques with common software can both improve productivity as well as product results.
All of these translate to a better bottom line.

Solved @ VSands

Each field has their jargon and buzzwords. We are certain that in your field your jargon and buzzwords would make us stare blankly at times. Answering questions is a large part of what we can do and we always do our best to present the answer in understandable terms.
  • Best practices when working with technology.
  • Policy implementation
  • Office suite an common software training
  • Threat identification and mitigation.
  • Group or team training on technology issues and concerns that face the group so they can perform better with more informed decisions.
We will work with you to the level you wish to be informed as well. If you prefer the hands-off approach "just make it work", we'll just make things work.