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The Problem

  • Do the insides of your computers look like this picture with dust and cobwebs?
  • Do you have a machine that spontaneously reboots after an ever-decreasing period of usage?
  • Do you have a machine that sounds like an old bi-plane with a propeller?

IT Brief-Case™

Dust can cause multiple problems for a computer. Consider the following:
  • A machine reboots 3 times daily, taking 5 minutes productive time each reboot. Calculate then 15 minutes a day at a burdened labor rate of $65 / hour. That's $16.25 / day or $3250 / year you are losing in productive time thanks to dust. And we won't even mention the amount of time lost if data is lost in the spontaneous reboot (that presentation for the board meeting wasn't that important, was it?)
  • After a period of time the machine simply fails and will not start. Consider the cost of replacement.

Solved @ VSands

Cleaning is preventive maintenance we work with you to schedule regularly to keep you running smoothly and preserve your technology investment. We are thorough, using the proper tools and procedures to execute the process. Further, we take the time to inspect the machine for any other potential problems rather than just executing a task with tunnel vision.