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The Problem

  • The internet was reachable yesterday, now it's not... but only from one computer
  • No executable program will run. Every time it says the file is infected.
  • The computer desktop isn't visible with all of the pop up windows.
  • The machine is much slower than it was even yesterday.

IT Brief-Case™

Various analysts have ranged the losses incurred by companies world-wide with a vast range... from $13 Billion in direct damages up to $192 Billion in losses. Any way you look at it, the problem isn't small. If machines are infected, immediate removal is imperative. It may not be just the annoyance or complete disabling of a production workstation. Malware, Spyware, Viral Infections, could very well be transmitting or intercepting private information on that machine or the network thus threatening security.

Solved @ VSands

We have seen many infected machines. It's almost impossible to completely prevent it with the interconnectedness of systems. We have many methods, tools, and processes to remove the rogue software. In many cases we can even remove it working remotely. Removal is only the first step. Restoring the machine to operating condition by undoing the changes the rogue software made requires knowledge of the operating system, experience in executing such a process, and a fair amount of patience.