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Hardware Failure

The Problem

  • Our server has the orange warning lights on.
  • The machine fails to even power up. No fan. No hard drive noise.
  • The computer screeches like a small metallic jet engine.
  • It powers up, but then says no boot device.
  • Performance is slow... and the machine clicks.
  • Machine spontaneously reboots when we are doing more than one thing.

IT Brief-Case™

Hardware failure happens. Things wear out. The question is how prepared are you to handle it and can you call on someone to fix the problem? Consider:
  • Do you need to replace hardware or repair it with a new part?
  • If performance is affected, you are losing money on wasted time.
  • If there is a complete failure, was data lost and what is the cost of that loss?
  • If critical data was on that device, is it possible to recover all or at least some of it?

Solved @ VSands

Although our preference is to protect your investment preventively through backup and constructing a machine with fault tolerance, things still fail.
  • We have recovered from failing hard drives.
  • We have rebuilt striped RAID sets with more than a single failed drive or failed container to recover critical data.
  • We can diagnose a problem and replace the individual failing part.
  • We will give you the straight scoop on the status of your hardware. What data we can recover and what data we can't. What can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced or rebuilt.
  • Our procedures are designed to protect your data with cautious steps.