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Off-Site Backup

The Problem

Backing up data is not done nearly enough. Most individuals and companies have at least some instances of "all eggs in one basket". The consequences?
  • Lost files and critical data.
  • Failed hardware
  • Flooding, fire, or other location-based event or disaster
  • Overnight several key office machines were stolen... along with everything on them.
  • A backup was made of data, but it was done on a monthly cycle.

IT Brief-Case™

Say a single machine had a hard drive failure thus impacting your accounting data. You have a backup but it's a month old. Say your on-staff bookkeeper spends a conservative 3 hours a day handling invoicing, billing, and general reporting. 30 days, 3 hours a day, $65 / hour burdened labor rate, and the loss of that hard drive cost your company $5850. Not to mention a disgruntled overworked bookkeeper that has to re-enter all of that.

What if theft or fire claimed three machines... and also the cabinet where you kept the backups? What is the cost of recreating your business or that department?

Solved @ VSands

We take backup seriously.
  • Our backups run nightly or twice daily.
  • We periodically check and verify backups.
  • We are available and work with your in an instance of disaster recovery. The event was stressful enough, it's good to have a partner to help you rebuild.
  • Our regular backup service is far less expensive then even the loss of that one accounting machine. And you'll sleep better at night knowing your business is protected.