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Security Consulting

The Problem

Security for your business technology can take many forms. However, it reduces to the following problems:
  • Lost data.
  • Compromised data
  • Lost system productivity
Problems are not only external and in the digital world, however. They can be very hands-on. A comprehensive exploration of security issues also needs to explore threats from within the organization not only attacks of your perimeter.

IT Brief-Case™

Lost data can come from many directions from malware, to stolen hardware, to a laptop left on an airplane. Although data may not be lost, compromised systems can open your business to liability by exposing customer information. Lastly, if any of the above happen, what is the time cost to your business, or does the nasty piece of malware just slow your computer down? The IT Brief-Case can be demonstrated simply:
  • What is the cost of having your customer's credit cards fall into the wrong hands?
  • Your CEO left his or her laptop on the plane. What information could be lost? If booted, does the person in possession have access to your entire network?
  • If 1/3 of your personnel acquired a rogue security program (pretty common) that prevented the execution of all programs, how would that impact the productivity of that day?

Solved @ VSands

We will not only work to solidify your perimeter by assessing your current security parameters, and discover vulnerabilities or gaps, but also look at the larger picture of your organization's security. Some things we can help with:
  • Security policy generation and implementation.
  • Network firewalls.
  • Intrusion detection systems (not limited to your network)
  • Stolen asset recovery measures.
  • Stolen asset tracking measures.