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Requirements Analysis

The Problem

Finding the Goldilocks Zone of what you need and when is challenging. This area distills down to having the right knowledge and the right experience. It is geared to solving problems such as:
  • Starting a new business, section, branch office or division and understanding what are the technology requirements.
  • Expanding into different product areas requiring different tools
  • Increasing your ability to analyze and interpret existing business.
  • Reaching the limits of your current technology in age, capacity, or capabilities and what's needed to rectify those limitations.

IT Brief-Case™

The IT Brief-Case is outlined by the Goldilocks Zone of requirements: finding the right type and amount of technology to meet the needs of today and down the road without overkill. Consider the cost in the following scenarios:
  • The company needs 10 workstations. The users will primarily be engaged in email, word processing, and small spreadsheet work. Thinking you can save money by purchasing at a big box store (or low end machines from Dell or HP even), you might be faced with "home" versions of software which do not have the same security options. Further, you may find that the hardware can't handle new versions of software even two years down the road or hardware failed after the first year because of quality.
  • New business points to needing to handle a new database for analysis. This will be used by only 5 people in a new department but you expect the number crunching to be pretty intense. Even with growth in this segment, the intensity of analysis will remain constant. Further, you are unsure if this new business is a direction for the long term. Is getting that new server the answer when you have 2 existing servers already? Does it need to be a server? Do you need to have it on site or if temporary, is a managed provider a better choice?

Solved @ VSands

So what does the right knowledge and experience give you?
  • Vendor neutral advice. Our recommendations will be based on experience with hardware and software not based on kickbacks from a vendor.
  • It allows us to focus on your technology so you don't have to. Use your knowledge and experience to do what you do best and let us handle what we do best. It's simply inefficient and ineffective to take you away from your business expertise.
  • Let us look at the whole picture from an outside perspective. Knowing what you want and need may differ. Project needs may change. The view from within an organization may be too "close" to assess adequately. The outside view may also bridge communication gaps.
  • Experience provides a realistic perspective on expectations and timing. For that reason, start the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Good implementations take time. Rushed implementations can cause more problems than they solve and cost more than expected.