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Hardware Upgrade

The Problem

Upgrading hardware can be prompted by several problems:
  • Suffering system performance especially following software upgrades
  • Re-tasking a machine or additional requirements may require new or improved hardware.
  • Change of staff may place new accessibility demands on a machine.
  • Staying competitive with new technology and meeting trends.
  • Compatibility - some software simply won't run on old hardware.

IT Brief-Case™

Upgrading hardware may be simple:
  • Additional RAM (a common fix for performance issues).
  • Installing a specialized data acquisition or controller card.
  • Changing or adding a drive to expand space or handle different tasks.
All of which are less costly than replacing a machine. Replacing a machine or adding entirely new hardware to an infrastructure may be the most cost effective if the new hardware can handle several of the old tasks or if performance is suffering to the extent that you will gain savings in productivity. This is a common situations for a small business where a key server is aging and affecting everyone.

Solved @ VSands

Every step of the way, we work with you:
  • Working with you to make intelligent choices on improve or replace.
  • Keeping costs low during purchasing.
  • Receiving and handling any initial configuration.
  • Installing and phasing in usage if needed.
  • Monitoring the new hardware once in place and addressing any issues.