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The Problem

Business changes and it is not always predictable. Faced with technical personnel that leave abruptly, or strain on budgets that prevent a full time specialized server admin to be hired. You need to fill a skill-set gap. Your web site(s), email servers, and databases are running at the moment, but you have no one to fix them if they stop.

IT Brief-Case™

This is a subset of outsourced IT for a specialized reason. The business case for rapidly filling this gap is simple. What is the cost when your site, email, or primary customer or ERP database goes offline?

Solved @ VSands

We host sites, email, and applications and because we do, we have the experience to manage servers. Whether those servers are on premises for you or in an offsite network center, we will work with you to make sure that you have a partner you can count on. It may be short term just to cover as backup. This may turn into long term once you find the savings you can realize (and the experience you have working with you) by working with us.