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The Problem

Common things we hear:
  • Shared hosting can't support our traffic.
  • We don't like our data mingled with other customers for security.
  • We have a server, but don't have the bandwidth or monitoring abilities.
  • Our applications are specialized and need custom configurations.
  • We want full access and control over our assets.
  • Power events are problematic in our area.

IT Brief-Case™

All of these problems affect business by increasing your costs if you want to solve them adequately. Combine this with Application Hosting and you expand the capabilities of moving to a dedicated server. Maintain control, scale to needed capacity, but yet maintain a closed network, high availability, and save on monitoring and maintenance.

Solved @ VSands

We work with you to identify what your needs demand.
  • Provide your own server and use our infrastructure (co-location) or we can configure one for you (dedicated).
  • We have two network centers one closed one open if you want to work on your machine.
  • We have a minimum of 7 days of backup power. We actually outlasted the line providers (Sprint and MCI at the time) during the northeast blackout.
  • Experience with both UNIX and Windows platforms to choose from.